We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.


Our process to guide you to your ultimate health and fitness goals once you've committed to The CrossFit Combine.

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Step 1: Joint by Joint Assessment

First, you will complete a thorough joint by joint assessment that will measure your body’s unique structural limitations and imbalances. Your coach will then create a targeted training program to correct imbalances and prepare you for the rigor of group class.

Step 2: Introduction Sessions

By working one on one with our professional coaches, you will create a solid foundation by learning functional movements and skills. Many of these movements you may already know, through our one on one attention, we intend to make you better at them. Gaining confidence and competence through effective technique to continue to build strength and avoid injury. 


This time isn’t just about training, here you will also begin to understand how your habits and lifestyle outside of the gym can get you to your goals even faster – or keep you from them altogether. We share how your overall health and longevity involves not only your daily capacity for movement but also your stress levels, nutrition and sleep.

Step 3: Group Class

At this point you are confident in your body and your ability to make the best choices about your health! You are ready to start attending the group class that best fits your schedule! You’ll be welcomed into our community and unique personalized culture. Our coach will check in with you with each class, ensuring you are making the best decisions for that day. With your confidence and solid foundation in place you progress towards your goals. Quarterly check-ins to keep you progressing at the rate you’re happy with!


Our community is the world to us and we want you to be part of it! Don’t be afraid to show up early, ask questions, cheer on your peers and socialize after the workout! Take it all in and see how it feels to belong to a group of fit-minded people. If you surround yourself with others who have achieved your goals, you are more likely to succeed.

Step 4: Happier, Healthier You

By now you have put in a lot of great work to invest in your long term health and fitness goals. You’ve learned to do things you never thought you could and now you’re an example of health to the people in your life! You are stronger, faster and more athletic than you were before – and you know how to sustain it for life! Time to celebrate YOU and your new lifestyle of reaching milestones, pushing towards your potential and achieving PRs ( personal records ) and so much more!


From here we reflect on all the lifestyle changes, health improvements and achievements thus far. Discussing new possibilities and the next steps to quickly get you to your next goal.