The CrossFit Combine – CrossFit “You cannot change what you will not confront.” — T.D. Jakes View Public Whiteboard Metcon Metcon (Time) Buy In- 300 M Farmer Carry 5 Rounds 10 KB Deadlifts 10 KB Swings 10 Goblet Squats Buy Out- 300 M Farmer Carry25 Min Time cap. RX Standards *Each round must remain unbroken […]


The CrossFit Combine – CrossFit “It seems to be a law of nature, inflexible and inexorable, that those who will not risk cannot win.” — John Paul Jones View Public Whiteboard Metcon Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) Teams Of 3 30 Min AMRAP Sled Pull down and Back 185/135 Run 200 farmer Carry 0r […]


The CrossFit Combine – CrossFit “Success is a pile of failure. You’re just standing on top of it and not underneath it.” — Dave Ramsey View Public Whiteboard Metcon Metcon (Time) 3 Rounds 20 Power Cleans 95/65 20 Push Press 95/65 400m Run


The CrossFit Combine – CrossFit “You can only truly do one thing well at a time.” — Daniel Lubetzky View Public Whiteboard Metcon Metcon (Time) 21-15-9 Wall Balls Toes 2 Bar Burpees


The CrossFit Combine – CrossFit “What weakens us is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellow men and women. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone.” — Carlos Castaneda View Public Whiteboard Weightlifting Snatch (15 Min Technique Work ) This can be Power Snatch Or Squat […]


The CrossFit Combine – CrossFit “We train so when we find chaos, our instincts take over. We train so we minimize errors when they count.” — Margaux Alvarez View Public Whiteboard Metcon Metcon (No Measure) 20 Min (Move Through) 10 KB Swings 10 T-Planks 10 KB One Arm Bent Over Row 10 V-ups Home WOD […]


The CrossFit Combine – CrossFit View Public Whiteboard Metcon Murph (Time) For Time: 1-Mile Run 100 Pull-ups 200 Push-ups 300 Air Squats 1-Mile Run If you have a 20# vest or body armor, wear it.In honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.To learn more […]


The CrossFit Combine – CrossFit “Imagine a world where we all point a finger inward.” — Logan Gelbrich View Public Whiteboard Metcon Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) 7 Min AMWBAP P1- Deadlift hang 225/155 P2- Wall BallsWall Balls can only be done while the bar is off the ground. Rest 3 Min Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) […]


The CrossFit Combine – CrossFit “You can build any life you want when the foundation is solid.” — Dr. Jake Oergel View Public Whiteboard Metcon Metcon (Time) 3 Rounds 800m Run 50 Situps 50 Lunges Home WOD 6 Rounds ( After a 5 min warm up and 5 min of stretching) Run about 200 m Fast […]


The CrossFit Combine – CrossFit “It doesn’t matter how this looks to other people, it matters how it looks to you. If this is something you gotta do, then you do it. Fighters fight.” — Rocky Balboa View Public Whiteboard Metcon Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 20 Min AMRAP 2 Power Cleans 225/155 4 […]


The CrossFit Combine – CrossFit “The only people who achieve much are those who want knowledge so badly that they seek it while the conditions are still unfavorable. Favorable conditions never come.” — C.S. Lewis View Public Whiteboard Metcon Metcon (No Measure) 5 Rounds 30 Sec One Arm Carry R then L 50/35 30 Sec […]


The CrossFit Combine – CrossFit “There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: Those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.” — Ray Goforth View Public Whiteboard Weightlifting Back Squat (5×2 ) You have the option to build […]