A Time for Rest

Article by: Ryne Milner For many people here at the gym, CrossFit has become more than just a way to stay in shape and lose some weight. To some CrossFit has become a hobby or a lifestyle. I have had countless members tell me that the hour they spend in class is the best part of their […]

What does the optimal person look like, and what can that person do?

Introduction by Paul C. Tijerina in collaboration with Colby Phillips For more information visit: http://www.paulctijerina.com/ Too often so many people are fixated on a certain “look.” We often hear it all the time, all day every day! Understand, from an evolutionary perspective, good looks equated to good health. A good physique typically meant good movement […]

Winning The Mental Game

Article by: Ryne Milner Every day we come to the gym to train our bodies so we become stronger, faster and more physically fit.  We pour sweat, rip hands and sometimes even give up our lunch in order to continue to pursue a healthy life.  Most days we leave the gym sore and drenched in sweat feeling […]

“To Hydrate or not to Hydrate,” is that really the question?

Article by: Paul C. Tijerina, Nutritional Therapist & SuperHuman Life Coach.  For more information about Paul, visit http://www.paulctijerina.com.   A great resource and one of the foundational books I read early on in my career was by Fereydoon Batmanghelidj “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” http://amzn.to/1RFKJvA where the author links many modern degenerative disease and health issues to lack […]

The Crossfit Open

Article by: Ryne Milner Once again it is time for the competitive season of CrossFit to kick off. Every February, the CrossFit games kick off with an international event called the Crossfit Open. This year the open kicks off on February 25 and runs all the way through March 28. The CrossFit Open is the first qualifying […]


Article by: Ryne Milner When the next day’s workout is published on Wodify, you will commonly see the letters Rx. This simply indicates which weight or movement standard is prescribed by the programmer. Most commonly, programs are written with the elite athlete in mind. From there the workout can be scaled down to meet the fitness level […]